We Design Telecommunications Networks

NSP Technology has partnered with some of the largest companies in our industry to deliver engineering design expertise for broadband, wireless, telecom, and enterprise solutions.

NSP Technology

We provide comprehensive network design services tailored for cable companies implementing triple-play services. Our proficient team comprising CATV Designers, Mappers, surveyers, and Project Specialists ensures your company benefits from prompt and efficient service. Our commitment is to deliver professional project outcomes, giving meticulous attention to every detail, regardless of project size.

At NSP Technology, our top priority is our customers. Whether your company requires coax/fiber HFC, FTTx, EPON, RFOG, or other design solutions, we specialize in assisting you in establishing a robust network infrastructure. Our adept design team prioritizes quality and swift turnaround times in every project. We maintain ongoing training to remain updated with industry advancements.

Design & engineering

  • Planning support services.
  • OSP design and engineering
    HFC, FTTX, FTTCS, and RFog expertise.
  • Proficient with leading comprehensive design programs including SpatialNET, IRIS, Bentley Map, GIS,  GNIS, and MSO proprietary packages.
  • Make-ready engineering.

CAD/Drafting & Mapping

  • Base mapping.
  • GIS mapping.
  • Strand and as-built mapping.
  • IRIS, SpatialNET, GE SmallWorld, Bentley Map.
  • AutoCAD, MicroStation/V8i, GNIS, and MSO.

Field Survey Services

  • Walkout Surveying.
  • Digital Surveying.
  • Pole Surveying.
  • QA/QC servDrone Survey (Lidar Mapping).

Professional Services

  • Planning/feasibility studies.
  • Consulting.
  • Custom training.
  • QA/QC services.

Main Clients and Partners

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Our core values encompass:

  • Going above and beyond in service delivery.
  • Upholding unwavering integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Treating all individuals with dignity and respect.
  • Exuding professionalism to instill confidence and trust.
  • Encouraging creativity and pursuing excellence in every endeavor!.
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